Great Documentation

For various reasons I’m a devoted Android user. Recently I noticed that when I visited certain sites the Chrome toolbar of the site fit into website theme – Clearly something was being served to Chrome letting the browser know to change the URL header.

Medium with the header colored:


I decided must implement this for my person site (Irony being I should take the time for this tumblr blog, maybe tomorrow – Now migrated to

Being a sucker for great documentation I found a fantastic Google Developers blog post on this item. This page showed three things I love in a developer / support related document:

  • The developer blog explained where to update your header, also given was an example of a code snippet of the implementation.
  • A screenshot showing this implemented was included – Including a screenshot allows the visual learners to see what the completed work should look like.
  • Someone like myself who isn’t a developer with years of experience can understand the necessary implementation.

Toolbar comparison against Daring Fireball:


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