My Thinking Space

This is my third post for the 6 week Support Driven writing challenge. For this post, the topic is “Describe your ‘Thinking space’ – What do you do, or where do you go, when you need to sort through thoughts.”

My thinking space is found walking. When I have a hard problem that I’m thinking through, it’s done walking. I’ll frequently pair my lunch with a 15 to 30-minute walk to clear my mind.

Most of my thinking will be on how to respond to a tricky support case, a message I want to post to my colleagues, brainstorming ideas, or thinking through a project that I’m working on.

For the deeper thoughts, I write them down days before I’m ready to share anything. That means drafting something up. It’s raw and not intended for anyone else to read, it could be a simple list on paper or a more formal written out draft.

The draft allows me to get my thinking out of my mind. During mental downtime or when walking, I can return to those thoughts and not fear about forgetting something.

When I’m ready to work deeply, I’ll employ Pomodoro to focus.

From my lunch walk today. Can you feel the winter chill?

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