Packing a Workspace

This is my sixth and final post for the 6 week Support Driven writing challenge. For this post, the topic is “Share your workspace with us”.

I’m a remote worker, because of that, my physical workspace is in flux. Most days are spent either at home or a local coworking spot. Because of that, I wanted to capture what I keep in what I call my desk, my backpack.

I do have one rule for where I work: The space must be quiet and private. No open office and little time spent in coffee shops.


Here’s what’s pictured above:

  • Standard issue MacBook Pro and charger.
  • Ear buds.
  • A notebook to write down thoughts.
  • Blue/Black Pen. Like a TV remote, I’m always losing one of these. Currently lost is the blue pen.
  • USB cable.
  • Clicky keyboard & mouse. Not always on me but a must have.
  • Water bottle.
  • The book I’m currently reading, Getting Things Done.
  • A local magazine, Little Village.
  • The desk, a Crumpler Backpack.


  • Snacks/lunch.
  • Coffee mug.
  • Sweatshirt, mittens, and hat. (it’s getting cold)

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